MARTIN GARRIX The Dance Music’s Fastest Rising Superstar


Before Martin Garrix, a young person's dream of conquering the intensely competitive dance music world seemed like just that. Accessible only at arm’s length, behind a screen, or from the crowd. But Garrix simply never saw it that way.

Now, whether playing two hundred shows a year, or writing some of today's biggest dance anthems, Martin Garrix, the first real teenage DJ idol, is ushering in the next generation of dance music fans and producers, and he never cracks under pressure.


Many kids want to grow up to be professional musicians, DJs, or music producers, but very few succeed. Fewer still become all three, with hit singles around the world.
And, finally, fewer than few—only one, in fact, Martin Garrix, have ever succeeded in pulling all of this off before turning sixteen.

Born May 14 1996 in Amstelveen, Netherlands, Martin has quickly become one of electronic dance music’s youngest superstars, amassing a chart-topping musical legacy along the way, and collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. At 19 years old, Martin Garrix’s story has only just begun. Martin has come a long way since DJing his parents’ parties, wandering music festivals as a fan, and unofficially remixing Christina Aguilera. Garrix is living testimony that with hard work and talent, up and coming artists can realize their dream of topping global charts, scoring multi-platinum sales, and headlining festival main stages across the globe. Hitting number one in the UK charts and reaching double-platinum status in the US in 2013, “Animals” has to date garnered more than 100 million streams on Spotify and over half a billion views on Youtube. Playing soundtracks to such prestigious festivals as Coachella, the main stage at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival and with new residencies at premiere nightclubs like Omnia Las Vegas and Ushuaia Ibiza, Garrix’s sound has become ubiquitous around the world. Right from the start Martin Garrix has known pressure—the Dutch DJ scene is the most competitive in the world. He’s always held his own, and never backed down from a challenge. Like TAG Heuer, he’s a pioneer, on his own beat-fueled journey. He is unafraid to take risks and his disruptive and personal presence on social media regularly shows how he pushes himself to the extreme. And he does not crack under pressure.



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