“Resist to tiredness, to boredom, to hunger, to thirst, to trouble, to pain to fulfil your craziest dream. Focus on your goal, don’t crack under pressure”.

Before the recent explosion in marathon madness, these grueling events attracted a very small group of very intense individuals.

Today, hundreds of thousands circle the world in pursuit of this supreme test of self mettle, and millions more line their routes to cheer them on. Every bit as hardcore as their earlier counterparts, this new breed of marathoners are driven by the same primordial desire: to push oneself to the limit, see what they’re really made of, and if they have what it takes to never, ever, crack under pressure.


Born in Greece in 490 BC and reborn at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, the marathon is not just the quintessential footrace, or even the ultimate road race...

—it is the standard bearer of all individual sporting achievement, a single race against the clock requiring no equipment except guts, stamina and the will to persevere. This ultimate testing site of the human spirit is now a worldwide phenomenon ‘enjoyed’ — an odd word to describe pounding on pavement for 26 miles and 385 yards—by people of all ages. Marathons are held on every continent and over conceivable obstacle, including up Mount Everest and around the Great Wall of China. TAG Heuer is today partnered with six of the world’s most iconic — the New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Oslo and Moscow Marathons. In all, 250,000 men and women, some on foot, some in wheelchairs, participate in these top-tier events. And whether a record holder vying to eclipse the two-hour mark, or a first timer just wanting to make it to the finsih, each is a pathbreaker in his her own way, pushing towards a new definition of what is possible and impossible. Like TAG Heuer, these individuals express and aspire for greatness. They refuse limits. They will never crack under pressure.