Best watches for men and for women
Men’s watches and women’s watches by TAG Heuer: where timekeeping becomes an art.

Renowned for their quality and precision, Swiss watches and luxury watches are one and the same. And within the world of Swiss watches, TAG Heuer timepieces are in a class apart. Boasting avant-garde design and advanced technology, they are more than just luxury timepieces or mere sports watches – they are in a category all their own.

TAG Heuer combines manual craftsmanship with the best and latest technology, for ladies’ and men’s watches that bear witness to heritage while inspiring innovation and excellence. Resolutely modern yet enduringly sophisticated, a TAG Heuer watch goes beyond sublime aesthetics: its automatic watches boast high frequencies ranging from 21,600 vibrations per hour to up to 360,000 (as in the case of the Caliber 360), ensuring excellent mechanical precision. For this reason, a number of its automatic watch movements have been awarded the prestigious Official Swiss Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.) certificate.

It comes as no surprise, then, that TAG Heuer chronograph watches are celebrated as the pinnacle of Swiss watch precision timekeeping. These luxury sport watches are the official timekeepers of one of the world’s most prestigious racing events, the Monaco Grand Prix. In addition, TAG Heuer is the official partner of both America’s-Cup-winner Oracle Team USA and esteemed Formula 1 automotive manufacture McLaren – for a perfect marriage of speed and timekeeping accuracy.

Aesthetically, TAG Heuer timepieces are equally as impressive. Crafted by experts in their field, these luxury Swiss watches combine the finest materials in flawless harmony. Whether blending the best in traditional materials – such as soft calfskin, fine alligator leather, precious solid gold or robust stainless steel – or accenting them with newer, more contemporary materials – including high-tech rubber and modern fabric – TAG Heuer blurs the lines between the preconceived notions of sports watches and luxury watches. Its quality finishes, including fine brushing, black PVD finish and ruthenium treatment, are both refined yet innovative, visually appealing yet always practical.

Meanwhile, its watches for women are the height of understated elegance. Its diamond watches, in particular, add a touch of feminine sparkle to the iconic men’s watch models that have made the TAG Heuer name: the TAG Heuer Carrera, the Monaco, the Link, the Aquaracer and the TAG Heuer Formula 1. With luxury materials and scaled back lines, these stylish ladies’ timepieces carry on the tradition of fine craftsmanship and impeccable precision that has been part of the brand’s DNA for over a century.

All this to say that TAG Heuer timepieces are about more than just luxury or precision: they are the bearer of the finest in Swiss craftsmanship pushed boldly into the future. Aesthetically sublime yet decidedly reliable, finely crafted yet resolutely high-tech, contemporary yet refined, TAG Heuer gives new meaning to the best watches for men and for women.



"The best and the brightest are always the most determined."

Before Jack Andraka, precocious teenagers who studied hard and excelled at a subject got an A. If they were truly exceptional, they might be fast-tracked into a university program.

After Jack, whose award-winning pancreatic cancer test could potentially save countless lives, individuals will be judged by the strength of their ideas and commitment, not their age.


At 17 years old, already, Jack Andraka, like TAG Heuer, is a true path-breaker who defies conventions, refuses limits and, no matter what, never cracks under pressure.
Born in Crownsville, Maryland in 1997, Jack Andraka is your typical American teenager, except he may have already made medical history. Upset by a loved one’s fatal bout with pancreatic cancer, Jack refused to just accept it as just a tragic part of life, something that he could not change...

He looked up the disease on the Internet and discovered that one of the reasons why it was so lethal was that existing detection techniques were slow, costly and unreliable. Jack pushed his research further, first on the Internet, and then in his parents’ garage. He sorted through 8,000 proteins present in the human body to find one that could work as a biomarker for pancreatic cancer, and then found a method to make it signal the presence of the disease. Looking for help with his research, he wrote 200 scientists requesting space in their laboratories and received 199 rejection letters, before receiving a single positive reply from a doctor at Johns Hopkins Medical Centre. For seven months, after school every day and on weekends, including his birthday and Christmas, Jack’s mother drove him to the lab, and Jack perfected his invention: an antibody test that only costs three cents, takes five minutes and is 100% accurate. Winner of the Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award and the Intel ISEF Gordon E. Moore Prize, Jack’s accomplishment could eventually reduce the risk of not just pancreatic but ovarian, lung and other cancers. All because one determined teenager conceived a smart idea and refused to quit until it became a reality. Jack Andraka, scientist, inventor and cancer researcher.



For more than 150 years, TAG Heuer has faced down every challenge, and then pushed past it. By defying the time-honored conventions of Swiss watchmaking, it has led it to ever higher levels of precision and performance. It makes its own rules, chooses its own path, never quits moving forward, never compromises, never cracks under pressure, just like its ambassadors.