Chen Dao Ming

Leading actor Chen Daoming has earned the respect and admiration of generations of Chinese fans, yet remains modest and devoted to his craft. For Chinese audiences, Daoming’s character is best exemplified by one of his roles — Kangxi Emperor — a man who is courageous, dignified and wise.


Instinctive and highly adaptable, Chen Daoming is renowned for his capacity to shape himself to a part. His infallible portrayals, from humble peasants to imperious emperors, regularly engross millions.


After his breakthrough role in the 1984 TV drama The Last Emperor, Chen Daoming became a household name in 1990 when the whole country tuned in to watch his character Fang Hongjian in Fortress Besieged. Hundreds of colorful roles later, he’s definitely earned his moniker the Emperor of Chinese drama. The award-winning actor is best known to international audiences as ruthless ruler Qin in Zhang Yimou’s epic Hero, and Inspector Shen Chen in the 2003 film, Internal Affairs.


Continuously challenging himself in his acting career, never satisfied with achievements, Chen Daoming occasionally slips into the real-life roles of director, producer and businessman. He says, “A man’s greatest fortune is the experience he gains from everyday life. I treasure the hard times, because they shape a man’s values.” Chen Daoming’s accomplishments and spirit fit well with the 150-year-heritage of the pioneering TAG Heuer legend. The passionate creativity he pours into his career are echoed in TAG Heuer’s commitment to innovation and perfection in watchmaking.


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