In its jewelry models, TAG Heuer pays great attention to the criteria that make a diamond unique: its size, color, clarity and weight. Each stone is verified by gemologists before being set by hand using binoculars in strict accordance with professional standards. The setter first ensures that the diamonds are all identical in size and that the table, or face, of the stone is parallel to the base. These principles are essential to the beauty and the quality of the setting and enable another inspection of the stones.
TAG Heuer jewellery models undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure that the diamonds will not become loose.


The diamonds are then positioned in the claws machined into the steel or gold, and fixed onto the watch. TAG Heuer jewelry models all undergo rigorous quality testing. They are immersed in soapy water and subjected to ultrasound waves to ensure that the diamonds will not become accidentally detached.


Trustee of exceptional cultural heritage for 150 years, TAG Heuer also plays an essential role in preserving natural heritage thanks to an ethical approach applied to all of its timepieces creations.
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